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Atarace  provides its guests a wide gamma of technical professionals to develop the different phases of their projects of Engineering and Architecture. We work for companies, individuals and developers, also being consultants for architectural and engineering firms. We guarantee a personalized service, free technical support and a tight budget. If you need assistance in any area of ​​your project or work , find out about the services we offer and feel free to contact us.

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• Calculation of structures of tall buildings and detached houses • Floor joist, slabs, and reticular slab. • Metal structures with composite floors. • Foundations with isolated footings, slabs and piles. • Wood structures. • Retaining walls. • Sports facilities. • Partial or complete reforms. • Complete Architecture Projects certificates.

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• Calculation of industrial prefabricated and steel. • Calculation of overhead cranes and connecting walkways. • Calculation of metal covered with any geometry. • Pergolas and special coatings. • Sites photovoltaic roof.

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• Design and calculation of singular structures. • Walls cantilevered and anchored. • Retaining walls and precast armed. • Deposits • Bridges and gateways in concrete and steel.

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• Calculation of reinforcement of existing structures. • Checking covers under new photovoltaic loads. • Inspection and examination of conditions in structures • Monitoring rehabilitation.



Atarace Consulting Consulting is a company dedicated to the provision of technical services and engineering consultancy and construction industry, whose mission is to provide solutions for engineering and building construction, both in the housing sector as industry, to adapt to Quality requirements demanded by a market increasingly competitive, has a management system, described in its Management Manual and developed in the Procedures Manual, in accordance with the requirements of International Standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.AtArAcE ensures reliability and professionalism, offering high standards of service and quality level, and makes available to its customers the domain of the most advanced technologies in the industry.


For this AtArAcE apply the following principles::

• Experienced and formed team in each SECTOR. • Technical means. • Compliance with customer requirements. • Search for maximum organizational efficiency. • Commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements, concerning the service delivered, TO OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL AND OF THOSE OTHER REQUIREMENTS SIGNED BY THE ORGANIZATION. .


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Atarace Consulting S.L. is an engineering company whose mission is to provide solutions for the construction, building and all kinds of static or dynamic analysis required. We have Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Draughtsmen, who have been working for the last 20 years in the field of civil engineering, residential and industrial. AtArAcE was born of the union of several professionals with extensive experience in the sector, who choose to add their resources and expertise to offer their services in a market increasingly demanding. The guidelines from the organizational point of view are:

We have the knowledge and experience to offer our cooperation both in the implementation of projects (from preliminary studies to drafting and endorsement of final design) and integrated project management to execution and delivery of the work to the client.

Multidisciplinarity and offshoring, these reflect our view of the market: the customer demands a comprehensive engineering service through a single contact to be able to provide solutions in a scope that every day further from local and county environments.

The experience and effectiveness of our technicians streamlines the relationship with government agencies and control ones, avoiding potential nonconformities and technical reserves. Contact us for a quote prior study and collaboration. Our technicians will contact without obligation.






Fees for design and calculation of Standard building structures to be accounted m2 according to the calculated and delineated. It includes collaboration in the initial phase design of the building or structure, complete drawings , foundations, details and static report.

Be considered of Particular difficulty calculated building structures of steel and wood and concrete buildings with special foundations (piling, diaphragm walls and micropiling). Study is considered as the analysis of existing structures for detecting pathologies. necessary improvement, renovations and implementations (upgrades, installation of solar panels etc.) To carry out measurements and budget headings apply structure an additional 5% over the values ​​of the table..

Unquantifiable structures in m2 for not being conventional building be charged regardless of the above and based on their difficulty or agreement requirements with the applicant.

The completed projects executed and countersigned by AtArAcE be charged by corresponding professional school.


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